Sloup is the north gate into the protected natural park Moravian Karst and a significant pilgrimage place. The natural dominant and the biggest tourist activity are Slouspko-Sosuvske jeskyne (caves) with world-known Eliscina jeskyne (cave), the stalactite Svicen and the cave Kulna. The solitary rock - “Hrebenac” is the dominant of the entrance area. By its basoltic shape the name of this village is derived (Sloup = column). The most of caves are accessible from Sloup in Moravsky kras including the gorge Macocha. Sloup is also a crossroad of local and national cycling tracks.

Among cultural monuments can be ranked the baroque church Panny Marie Bolestne, built in 1751-1754. In the crypt there is a tomb of the foundress - countess Karolina from Rogendorf. Other landmark is the cave Kulna which is a finding place of skeleton’s remainder of Neanderthal man - an archeological unique in Europe. The villige has three memorable trees too: the lime tree ”U Hrebenace” (250 years) and two lime trees “Salmovy lipy” in Salmuv hrbitov (cemetery) (approx. 150 years).

Information centre - Sloup 1, 679 13 Sloup, tel/fax.: +420-516 435 237, e-mail:

Sloup - HřebenáčSloup - Hřebenáč
Rock Hrebenac
Sloup - rocks over the riverSloup - rocks over the river
Sloupsko-šosůvské caves - ticket officeSloupsko-šosůvské caves - ticket office
Caves Sloupsko-sosuvske jeskyne - office
Slousko-šošuvské cavesSlousko-šošuvské caves
Caves Sloupsko-sosuvske jeskyne - entrance